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We want to be a church that is FOR. FOR Portsmouth and FOR Scioto County. This is going to look like a lot of different things, but you can find out a little more about that HERE

If you are FOR Portsmouth, or as we like to say, FOR5662, then we hope you will consider joining us as we seek to bring hope and light to our community. 

Current series

We all carry labels. Happy. Funny. Popular. Hard-worker. Loud. Stupid. Lazy.... The list goes on, good and bad. Often times we have let those labels define us for most of our lives. We have tried to live up to the good ones and avoid the bad, and often that leads to the label that so many of us place on ourselves....failure. 

But Jesus came to change that. Jesus came to be The Labelmaker. 


We are located on the corner of Grandview Ave and US52.

1211 Grandview Ave

Portsmouth OH, 45662